~ SCR Membership Requirements ~


Salt City Riders made a few changes in 2006 for you to become a member. In an effort to make our club even better and continue our pursuit of an excellent safety record and good times for all, please read this page fully before you sign up.

Recent events have led us to seek legal advice to help limit liability of any member, officer, or the Executive Board in the event that an incident may occur. We now require you to complete a waiver/ hold harmless agreement and remit a copy of your current valid motorcycle license and insurance card. (All information will remain strictly confidential, but if you are not comfortable you can BLACK OUT your License #, DOB, Insurance Policy #, and VIN).

We all are participants in what the state and your insurance company lists as a dangerous hobby but we have joined together as fellow bikers and friends to enjoy not only the wind in our faces but the friendship of each other. This club was formed because we enjoy each others company and the organized rides we strive to put together to appeal to the vast majority of our members. All we require from you is a commitment to be an Asset to the club (ex; a safe rider, positive/helpful attitude, respectful, and a club participant) rather than a Liability (an unsafe rider, unsafe bike, non participant, or prone to any type of harassment). Remember, we do this for the enjoyment of it all, not to turn this into anyone’s second job, especially the Officers and your Road Captains.

There will also be a $30 donation per couple, $15 per single to HELP off-set club sponsored operating expenses such as events, paper work, website, membership cards, postage, letters, etc.

It is unfortunate that we have to take this route but it is a necessary step for SCR in order to go forward with such an active organization. Keep in mind we are doing this for the continued safety, well being, and risk management of all those involved with Salt City Riders. We ride at our own risk doing what we enjoy so please take the time to review, complete, and submit the attached waiver for SCR review.

If you have any questions or concerns please Email=>

Please make check out to ________ and mail the info to ===>
(If application is not accepted donation will be returned)

Salt City Riders Executive Board

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